I want to enroll my boner

I want to enroll my boner in a foreign exchange program to India so it can come back from overseas all spiritual and continuously talk about the night it and Freida Pinto smoked hash and made love on the back of an elephant.

The ones with the tiny ears. Indian Elephants. Zoobooks™.

Vanessa Hudgens Gives a Glimpse Upshirt in Tampa

This has-to-be craptastic film Spring Breakers is really proving to be a boondoggle for us in the ogling set these past couple of weeks. The teen com, maybe rom-com likely, starring Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Benson, seems destined to continue to provide eye-conic levels of  leer-worthy on-set views, even if the sum ends up being much less than the total of the parts.

And, speaking of parts on set, if naughty minx Vanessa Hudgens in her blonde wig and tight shorts this weekend hasn’t got to you yet, then take a gander at this blessed view captured up Vanessa’s shirt on set of the film. Now, apparently, it’s not our birthday, as Vanessa was wearing a bikini top of some kind under her shirt, but if this sneak peek doesn’t give you the notions to make a little High School Music with Vanessa, then you most definitely need to get your libido engine belts checked. Enjoy.

Heather Morris Alleged Leaked Nude Cell Phone Photos

Imagine our wide-smile surprise when we were leaving our auto-fellatio class on a Sunday evening to learn from several of our readers (too many to mention by name) that Heather Morris nekkid pictures were around and abounding across the eyeballs of every straight dude who ever coveted Heather Morris on the show Glee, not to mention those not in that particular category, like celeb-hound Perez Hilton who confirms that the photos are in fact Heather. We never know for sure the source of these types of photos, or their reason for publication, but suffice it to say, we’ll probably learn more about that as time goes on and we mop up our drool.

As for how naughty Heather likes to get when alone with her cell phone, well, we’ve seen naughtier from celebrities whose names we probably can’t mention, but Heather’s sweet body and fun-filled boobtastic and secret passion to completely leave it to beaver gives her mucho bonus points in the innocent girls does naughty exhibitionism pantheon. Ooh-la-belusted-la. Enjoy.